Certified seafood from the cleanest waters in the world


65' x 22' Fiberglass Fishing/Processing Boat with 2 x 8V92 Turbos . She has  a 35,000 lb cooler/freezer for product and a 10000 lb freezer for bait. She carries 3000 gallons of fuel and is capable of transporting over 1000 stone crab traps. 2 x 300 Gallon Steam cookers and steam generator. By the way, she makes over 20 knots!
40' Key West 1 with 3208 Cat  and a 5000 lb freezer.

The BCS fleet is comprised of  2 boats and 2775  traps currently capable of operating in the Bahamas Banks Fishery. These boats are represented by a new "mother-ship" and two "slave" boats . The "mother-ship has a 25,000 pound cooler for the processed product and a 5000 pound freezer for bait. It also has a steam generator and cooker and chiller so that the entire processing of the product caught by all three boats may be be accomplished on the mother-ship.  BCS plans to  build an additional 3 mother-ships and boats and purchase the necessary traps to increase the current fishing operations. This current trap fishing operation will provide brood stock for the BCS Aquaculture project.

 Our 2015/2016 fishing projections are based on actual catches in trials conducted during the 2014/2015 season. The crab season in the Bahamas is 8 months long. Each boat is capable of pulling approximately 500 traps per day under ideal conditions. These two boats are capable of 1000 trap pulls per day.